Members and Membership

2. There shall be the following categories of membership:

 (a) Members (voting), regular and active;

(b) Affiliate Members (non-voting);

 (c) Honorary Members (non-voting), guest and honorary;

 (d) Student Members (non-voting).

3. Voting membership in the Corporation shall be limited to regular and active members.

4. Non-voting honorary members of the Corporation shall be appointees and invitees of the Board of Directors.

5. Membership in the Corporation is open to all persons interested in furthering the objects of the Corporation and shall consist of anyone whose application for admission has received the approval of the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

 6. Applications for membership as members will be considered by the Board of Directors from the public at large.

7. Membership fees or dues shall be set by the Board of Directors. Members shall be advised in writing of the status of their membership on an annual basis. Membership in the Corporation shall not be assignable or transferable and shall terminate upon the member's death.

8. A member of any category may withdraw from the Corporation by delivering to the Corporation a written resignation and lodging a copy of the same with the Secretary of the Corporation. 9. A member of any category may be required to resign by a vote of three-quarters (3/4) of the voting members at an annual meeting provided that any such member shall be granted an opportunity to be heard at such meeting.